Tuesday, May 5, 2009

House (1986)

3 / 5
Tagline: Ding dong, you're dead
Directed by: Steve Miner
Written by: Fred Dekker, Ethan Wiley
Actors include: Richard Moll, George Wendt, William Katt
Genre: Horror
Length: 93 minutes
Banned: nope
Country: USA

I always avoided this film when I was a kid because the box art makes it look well dreadful. I finally grew out of the box art paranoia and since this has been reference and often sold in packages with films like "Hellraiser" and "Pet Semetary" I thought I ought to see why. Well I do like the fact that they used George Wendt and Richard Moll because it's like '80s sitcom entertainment when they show up and actually they pretty much make the movie. The story is weird, and strange and although in the beginning I thought I may have been in for a treat the longer the film ran the more annoying it seemed to get. It's about a writer who loses his young boy, but he thinks he sees the boy in his Aunt's haunted house. Well Auntie dies, so writer buys the house and it turns out that the house is rather haunted with some weird stuff. The erm ghouls look ridiculously fake and like toys, it's far from bloody and it's far from scary and well the story isn't that great either. Parts of this are rather amusing because it is such a bad movie and on that level buffs will want to catch this once. I'm just amazed that this spawned a slew of sequels, could that many people have genuinely liked this film? Well I did sit through it and as I say some moments are worthwhile but overall I'd not recommend answering the door for this one.

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