Tuesday, May 5, 2009

House Of Mortal Sin (1976)

5 / 5
Tagline: Tortured by desires his vows forbid...master of a house of mortal sin!
Directed by: Pete Walker
Written by: David McGillivray, Pete Walker
Actors include: Anthony Sharp, Susan Pengaligon, Stephanie Beacham
Genre: Horror
Length: 104 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: UK

I love you Pete Walker, this film is by far one of the best horror films I've ever seen and barely anyone seems to have seen it. It's deliberate, sadistic, graphic, disturbing, creepy and yes horrific. I think this is Pete's best film, and it even has Stephanie Beacham (Dylan's Mom from 90210) as one of the leads. The other lead is a young woman named Jenny (they are roommates) who goes to confession because her boyfriend and she had been having sex and she had an abortion. The priest behind the screen is really creepy and seems overly interested in the details of her sex life. She takes off in a hurray, then she has an appointment at the Catholic church to discuss her problem and of course it's the same creepy Priest and he plays her a recording of their conversation from earlier and attempts to blackmail her. I don't want to give more away but let's just say that the Priest is INSANE! The Priest also has an older than dirt Mother who is being "taken care of" by the Nurse who happens to have been an old flame of the Priests. Every time I wished something would happen...it would and better than I had imagined. The best part is that the Priest is tormenting poor Jenny and that nobody believes her because he's a Priest. This is one of the best slashers you'll ever see, if you ever see a Pete Walker box set, don't think twice, just buy it and I mean now.

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