Monday, November 2, 2009

Cellar Dweller (1988)

3 / 5 Nov '09
Tagline: It'll Eat You Out Of House And Home...
Directed by: John Carl Buechler
Written by: Don Mancini
Actors include: Yvonne De Carlo, Debrah Farentino, Brian Robbins
Genre: Horror
Length: 77 min
Banned: Nope
Country: USA

Now this is a cheapo film with some interesting ideas and some absolutely ridiculous ones. The idea is that a cartoonist draws a devilish creature (that looks like a cheap Ghoulie which should be no surprise since both have the same director) which ignites a fire and causes him to chop himself up with an axe (so we are told). From there we advance 30 years to the cartoonists "lair" which is now a school for the arts. A young female cartoonist who worships the dead cartoonist comes in and takes his place reading the nekronomicon until the devil creature takes over. Apparently it draws what it plans to happen and leaves our female cartoonist feeling helpless! They do try with some gut munching effects and whatnot but it's so beyond cheesy and the monster looks so fake that this really feels like a kiddie movie. On that note though, there are some boobs in this so you may want to show a really young kid or something. Still it's trying, and although not entirely original or anything it was entirely watchable (largely in part to Yvonne De Carlo's snarky comments). Oh and keep your eyes open in the beginning for a young Jeffrey Combs.

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