Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Un Chien Andalou (1929) aka An Andalusian Dog

4.5 / 5 Nov '09
Tagline: N/A
Directed by: Luis Bunuel
Written by: Salvador Dali, Luis Bunuel
Actors include: Simone Mareuil, Pierre Batcheff
Genre: surrealism, horror
Length: 15 minutes
Banned: Finland
Country: France

Wow what the frigg, I can't even imagine what someone in the '20s must have felt when watching this. It's creepy, the after added soundtrack feels like some sort of doomy and eerie. It's a series of disturbing images including of course the famous razor blade across the eye, bugs crawling out of a hand, dead animals and several other things you'd never think you'd see from such an early movie. It's really easy to see Dali's input what with the insects and the style, very surreal indeed. It has the feeling of a train wreck where one can't look away despite the feeling of feeling awful for doing so. Perhaps this has an actual plot, perhaps not but I prefer to not dissect it. I just know it had some of the weirdest images put to film for the time and that it was fascinating to watch.

Availability:  On DVD or watch for free online here:  http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=3830396680029577028&ei=O1wTS8CVF4zOrALtq7zwCQ&q=un+chien+andalou&hl=en&emb=1

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