Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Woman In Black (1989)

4 / 5 Nov '09
Tagline: A spine-chilling ghost story
Directed by: Herbert Wise
Written by: Susan Hill
Actors include: Adrian Rawlins, Bernard Hepton, David Daker
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Length: 100 minutes
Banned: Nope


Everywhere I look people were saying this was scary so I knew I absolutely had to see it. I had to say that I felt let down, I mean there are parts that are atmospheric and even a tiny bit scary, but nothing that bowled me over or made me even feel uneasy. It's a long drawn out ghost story (seriously did this have to go on for so darned long) about a Lawyer who goes to a house on a Moore after a Woman dies to settle her estate. Everyone in town seems to be terrified of this woman and many advise him to stay away, but that doesn't stop him from going back...twice! The moores repetitively make noises (seriously how many times did we have to hear that to get the point) and he keeps seeing a strange woman. Most of the time is spent with this dull lawyer character (who isn't much of an actor) watching him play with the stuff in her estate...yawn! When things finally start happening I'm sorry but I just wasn't very afraid, but at least toward the end it really tried with at least one surprise. I do think this wanted to be scary, I think it set the right mood and everything, it's just the methods used were lacking (except the walking in the Moore...that one was creepy). I guess I just really expected more, but well maybe I'm a tough one to frighten?

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