Monday, January 18, 2010

The House Of Usher (1960) aka The Fall Of The House Of Usher

3.5 / 5 Jan '10
Tagline: Edgar Allan Poe's overwhelming tale of EVIL & TORMENT
Directed by: Roger Corman
Written by: Richard Matheson, Edgar Allan Poe
Actors include: Vincent Price, Mark Damon, Myrna Fahey
Genre: Horror, Drama, Romance
Length: 75 minutes
Banned: Norway

Though I did like this I didn't think it was as amazing as it could have been. Honestly I knew nothing of this story going into watching this, and this is the first version of the story I've seen. It's got atmosphere down pat as it's very much in the style of so many Hammer films which is a good thing. Also who can resist Vincent Price? He plays a rather strange blonde fellow who lives in a creepy castle with his Sister Madeline. After a Suitor named Phillip comes round for Madeline he's soon warned that she cannot leave the house. It seems their is some sort of family curse that causes family members to die when they consider leaving. As soon as Madeline makes up her mind to try to leave with Phillip bad things start happening, it's like the house is trying to kill them! Something really strange is going on there and the story is an amusing little one really. It is surprising, it's very gothic feeling and it's entertaining, it just wasn't one of my favorites is all.

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