Monday, May 24, 2010

District 9 (2009)

3 / 5 May '10
Tagline: You Are Not Welcome Here
Directed by: Neill Blomkamp, Peter Robert Gerber
Written by: Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell
Actors include: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie Boltt
Genre: Sci-Fi
Length: 112 minutes
Banned: Nope

Well conceptually interesting, I'm pretty sure I get the point here and it did have a few neat moments. The thing is, it raised more questions than it bothered to answer and I found it entirely unsatisfying. The plot is about stranded aliens who are kept in a slum like area and abused by humans for the most part. The aliens look silly and are often called prawns because of the similarity, nearly comedic and they wear bras and things...erm okay? The slum area is considered District 9, and it offends people so they want to try to move it elsewhere so they are trying to evict the aliens. One fella ends up investigating some alien gadget and is sprayed in the face with goo. This causes him to transform partially into one which is where the neat effects and whatnot come into play. Not an original idea, but it's rather well done I guess and adds a point of focus (even though I didn't at all care for the actor in the role). I guess I'm just old fashioned, I'm not big into effects, I'm more of a story hound and this sort of throws us in the middle of a situation without giving us much fact. I'm sure many people will really like this but I was underwhelmed.

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