Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blue Velvet (1986)

4.5 / 5 Jun '10

Tagline: The Most Talked About Film of the Decade
Directed by: David Lynch
Written by: David Lynch
Actors include: Kyle MacLaughlan, Laura Dern, Dennis Hopper
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Length: 120 minutes
Banned: Nope

Well fortunately this isn't too weird, in fact it's actually rather easy to follow for a David Lynch film. We follow nosy mystery lovin' Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) who stumbles upon a severed ear in a field. He brings it to the local Police Man who's daughter Sandy (Laura Dern) assists Jeffrey with details about the case. Jeffrey becomes so obsessed he actually breaks into the house of a singer named Dorothy (Isabella Rossellini) who is suspected to be involved with the ear somehow. He of course starts to piece things together and ends up in a strange relationship with Dorothy and several frightening underworld figures. Dennis Hopper plays an absolute psycho called Frank Booth who is one of the big bad guys of course, but it's a performance I doubt anyone will forget. It's one heck of a strange and bizarre mystery to be wound up in and it's an entertaining film as it all unfolds. You aren't going to get the answers to everything...it's not that kind of film. You will get a film that is extremely stylish, often darkly funny and tense and strange. Recommended even to those afraid of Lynch, heck I really hated Lost Highway but this I like!

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  1. I'm surprised you hated Lost Highway but loved this. Dennis Hopper made this film what it is, in my opinion, and it's worth watching over & over for his performance alone ... but I really loved Lost Highway. Robert Blake did for Lost Highway what Dennis Hopper did for Blue Velvet, in my opinion.

    They're both very good films but I think Lost Highway was more powerful overall. Lost Highway seemed more stylish and the plot was certainly less obvious which is par for the course with a Lynch film but Blue Velvet seemed a little too obvious for my liking. If not for Dennis Hopper, it would have been a typical detective story and Kyle MacLachlan seemed to be walking through the script under the influence of too much Prozac.