Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976)

4 / 5 Nov '10
Tagline: Ask Her No Questions And Nobody Dies.
Directed by: Nicolas Gessner
Written by: Laird Koenig
Actors include: Jodie Foster, Scott Jacoby, Martin Sheen
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Horror
Banned: Nope

This is one unusual yet likeable '70s film with impressive acting and a compelling story. Jodie Foster is the star of this one playing a brilliant and independent 13 year old girl named Rynn. She's tougher than nails, and cunning all because she has to keep her secret...even if it means murder! It's not just a horror film, in fact it's very psychological and plot driven...heck in some ways it's a bizarre romance. Scott Jacoby (who played the lead in Bad Ronald) steals the show (which is impressive considering Foster's performance) as a dorky yet sweet magician called Mario who is Foster's romantic interest. She also has a problem with an obnoxious meddling neighbor/landlady and her perverted sadistic son Frank (Martin Sheen). In many ways this is exploitation, and apparently Foster didn't really like making this film because the director kept insisting on nudity from her (she was 14 I think at the time) but she resisted and her older sister was the stand-in for that scene. It goes where maybe one would think it wouldn't, but at the same time it's sort of a depressing film and a black comedy all at once too. Really quite a memorable and creative little film that deserves to be seen by any fan of '70s cinema, a really weird classic indeed.

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