Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gli Occhi Freddi Della Paura (1971) aka Cold Eyes Of Fear

3 / 5 Jan '11
Tagline: N/A
Directed by: Enzo G. Castellari
Written by: Leo Anchóriz
Actors include: Giovanna Ralli, Frank Wolff, Fernando Rey
Genre: Giallo, Thriller, Horror
Length: 91 minutes
Banned: Nope

Although this starts out amusingly enough, and it does qualify as a giallo in some aspects, it kinda doesn't in others. It's a story that takes place in the '60s where an Italian girl out to dinner with a date is taken away by anonther man (who looks just like Doc Baker from the LOHTP series) for sexy time. Doc Baker (let's just call him that for the sake of ease) takes her to his rich solicitor Father's house, but unfortunately some criminals show up to rob the place. It's really just a thriller with the two being held hostage for most of the film. It is missing the excess that I love from this style of film and it's not satisfying on a death or sex level and the plot isn't very interesting either...even as it unfolds. Credit to them for making a nice looking film and getting the mood right, it's just rather forgettable and it drags a bit. Still a big fan of the genre will want to stumble upon this at some point, I just wouldn't recommend looking for this with any sort of urgency.

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