Monday, May 30, 2011

Recorded Live (1975)

4 / 5  May '11 
Tagline:  N/A
Directed by:  S.S. Wilson
Written by:  S.S. Wilson
Actors include:  John Goodwin
Genre:  Horror, Comedy, Short
Length:  8 minutes
Banned:  Nope

When you consider how easy this must have been to make, it seems shocking that I haven't seen much like it since.  It's about a Guy called Mr. Aaines who receives a letter for a job interview.  He goes into the office only to find two reels of film sitting there.  The tape on the reels starts unwinding and it forms into some sort of blobular creature that chases him around.  It's not going to freak anyone out, it's just sort of a comedic little "what if" tale that is well executed.  It sounds stupid and yes in a way it is but they come up with enough clever ideas to make it very worthwhile.  I can't help but wonder if Trent Reznor was influenced by this when making his "Head Like A Hole" video. 

Availability:  Not on DVD

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  1. I actually got a response from S.S. Wilson himself, as I enquired on this film and why is wasn't on the Stampede Entertainment Website along with his other short films. When Wilson made his student film in 1975, the rights to his film go to the USC (University Of Southern California) as they get all the rights to all the student films that are made there. At the time, Wilson wrote it to be a comedy, but didn't think on how the younger kids would be scarred from watching this. And now he got permission to include his student film as an extra in the Tremors 4 DVD (single DVD, not the Tremors 4 pack) so now it has a chance to scare the pants off of the next generation of viewers.I was between 5-9 years old when I saw this and I got traumatized myself, as tapes were the main source of recording media at the time.