Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Night Of The Living Bread (1990)

4 / 5  Jun '11
Tagline: The Bread Still Rises!
Directed by:  Kevin S. O'Brien
Written by:  Kevin S. O'Brien
Actors include:  Vince Ware, Katie Harris, Robert J. Saunders
Genre:  Horror, Comedy, Short
Length:  8 minutes
Banned:  Nope

As soon as I read the title I though "gee this is going to be absolutely stupid", and I was right but it's gloriously stupid.  I really was surprised how funny they could make this considering tricks, it's Night of the Living Dead crammed into eight minutes with bread.  An explosion at a bakery causes bread to attack people and a small group of people have gathered at an abandoned farm house for refuge.  They were rather clever in choosing which scenes to reenact, and the way they went about most scenes was pretty wise as well.  It just looks like they must have had a ton of fun making it, and heck I had a ton of fun watching it, perhaps you should too!

Availability:  It's available as a bonus feature on a version of Night of the Living Dead, or watch it here:

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