Sunday, July 26, 2009

Killer's Delight (1978) aka The Sports Killer aka The Dark Ride

2.5 / 5 Jul '09
Tagline: A small town. Five girls in one week. It's been fun
Directed by: Jeremy Hoenack
Written by: Marayln Thoma
Actors include: Joe Ivy, John Karlen, James Luisi
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Length: 85 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA

Now this was a gamble, see Code Red and Shriek Show co-released this one, and since I purchase most of what either company releases I was interested in this. Even more intriguing was the fact that it currently only has 35 votes on the IMDB, that's a pretty unheard of movie! To make this sound even more appealing also, this is one of the first films based around Ted Bundy so that got my attention too. At first when I started watching it I thought the picture quality was quite nice, it looked as though first time director Jeremy Hoenack did a relatively nice job shooting the film. The acting was so incredibly flat and dead behind the eyes that the story was dull, I really struggled to make it to the end of the movie despite a semi-promising beginning. Basically we watch a few girls get kidnapped, then they turn up naked and dead (not graphically, and the violence is most often not shown, so it's not all that satisfying on a horror level). There are no thrills, no chills, only a slight surprise and a Police officer who resembles John Saxon but isn't. I've certainly seen worse, but the over abundance of sound effects (the guy who made this became a huge sound effect dude) it really sounded like it was too carried away and often that was laugh inducing, but that's about it. Not something to seek out but at least it looks somewhat professional and some good ideas were here.

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