Friday, July 10, 2009

Zeder (1983) aka Zeder: Voices from Darkness aka Revenge of the Dead aka Zeder: Voices from the Beyond aka Zeder: Voci dal Buio

 4 / 5 Jul '09
Tagline: One man's search for an ancient secret...and the dead will rise from their graves!
Directed by: Pupi Avati
Written by: Pupi Avati, Antonio Avati
Actors include: Gabriele Lavia, Anne Canovas, Paola Tanziani
Genre: Horror
Length: 98 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: Italy

This is one heck of an unusual flick, and if you've seen "House with the Laughing Windows" (Pupi's other main horror offering) than you have an idea the sort of confusing yet somehow classy tale you are in for even though the two have little in common story wise. This is a sort of ghost/zombie flick really, hard to say and it's not a point that really matters as this is simply creepy and atmospheric, never gratuitous. In other words if you came to this looking for deaths and gore you will probably leave unimpressed. The story is somewhere between "Pet Semetary", "The Ring" and various other back ideas I've seen before yet this isn't derivative or something, just similar. It's a rather talky film, and it's quite confusing up until the end and even then parts could stand to be a little clearer (that or they shouldn't have gone into the detail about some things that they did as they really don't mean much to the plot). Still the ending is awesome even if you can see it coming, and Zeder is a rather creepy fellow and there are a few freaky parts mixed in too. It could have been amazing, but it's still really darned good, something I wasn't expecting but I liked anyhow!

Availability:  On DVD (but not buy the cheap edition available's a DVDR...I found out the hard way)

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