Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lisa And The Devil (1974) aka Lisa E Il Diavolo

3 / 5 Sept '10
Tagline: Every corner of the soul is lost to the icy clutch of the supernatural!
Directed by: Mario Bava, Alfredo Leone
Written by: Alberto Cittini, Mario Bava
Actors include: Telly Savalis, Elke Sommer
Genre: Mystery, Horror
Length: 95 minutes
Banned: Nope

Gee you know, I kind of thought this would be far more interesting than it was. Still credit is due for shooting a visually beautiful film, it's very surreal in nature (but also sort of confusing). I also thought the first half was very uninteresting and dull despite the fact that yes the scenery was lovely. It did pick up for the second half, and Telly Savalas was pretty hilarious and callous, really the reason for tuning in. The plot is about a girl named Lisa who is a lost tourist that ends up in this old mansion with a strange cast of characters. There is something definitely wrong with the people in the house, one guy keeps transforming from a dummy to a human, and shortly after a few people turn up dead. Apparently two edits of this film exist, the one I watched was called "Lisa And The Devil", there is also another called "House Of Exorcism" which apparently changes this into an Exorcism style rip-off with more gratuity. I really wish I'd watched that version instead, then at least something would have been going on rather than what actually was (though I'm sure the version I saw was more elegant). It's not horrible and it did wrap up decently, I just was disappointed and rather bored through most of it unfortunately.

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