Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Enigma Rosso (1978) aka Virgin Killer aka Red Rings Of Fear aka Rings Of Fear

2.5 / 5 Feb '11
Tagline: Sweet sixteen ... they'll lose more than just their lives.
Directed by: Alberto Negrin
Written by: Peter Berling, Marcello Coscia
Actors include: Fabio Testi, Christine Kaufmann, Ivan Desny
Genre: Giallo, Horror, Mystery
Length: 85 minutes
Banned: Nope

Apparently this is the third part of the "schoolgirls" trilogy, the first two parts being Cosa avete fatto a Solange? [What Have They Done to Solange?], and La polizia chiede aiuto [The Police Want Help] both had the same director, and this one has a different fellow in charge. That may be why this film is way inferior to the other two. The muddy giallo plot involves the murder of a young girl (killed by a big dick). They start questioning her friends (they were quite a clique) and of course anyone else who might have done something so terrible. There are red herrings, and unnecessary nudity left right and center. What it is missing is violence, and gratuity and satisfying plot conclusion. By the time they actually got to the ending I couldn't have cared less (though I suppose they tried a little bit). It just lacked whatever character the first two had, it's very bland and forgettable really, heck I only saw this two days ago and I'm having trouble remembering it. Not a must see but it's okay I guess if you are a gialli addict.

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