Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scream Bloody Murder (1973) aka The Captive Female

3.5 / 5 Feb '11
Tagline: When You're In Her Business, Sooner Or Later, It Has To Happen!
Directed by: Marc B. Ray
Written by: Larry Alexander, Marc B. Ray
Actors include: Fred Holbert, Leigh Mitchell, Robert Knox
Genre: Horror
Length: 90 minutes
Banned: Nope

Certainly not the best low budget '70s slasher film, but it's not without it's charm. This one is about a disturbed boy who runs his Father down with a tractor before having his own hand run over. He loses his hand and how has a hook, is forced to live in the asylum for a while and is a little disturbed shall we say. When he's released things get nasty as he sees Mommy has a new mate and he's not too happy about this. I give this film credit for some ambitious and bloody deaths, sure they look cheap but the effort was there. The hooked killer is pretty hilarious, and does a fairly good job of being a believable given the circumstances. The big problem is that it starts out way stronger than it finishes, it gets quite boring towards the end. Still worth a viewing, it's pretty funny in many ways, definitely a campy exploitation film in many ways. Not a classic, but worth it for fans of this sort of thing.

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