Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sugar Cookies (1973)

3 / 5 Aug '10
Tagline: Meet the beautiful people who live... and die in a freaky, try anything world.
Directed By:  Theodore Gershuny
Written by: Theodore Gershuny, Lloyd Kaufmann
Actors include: George Shannon, Mary Woronov, Lynn Lowry
Genre: Exploitation, Drama, Thriller, Horror
Length: 89 minutes
Banned: Nope

This is a weird one I'll give it that. In many ways it's a soft-core porn which really put me off I must say. The plot on the other hand is kinda neat, and I like lead actress Mary Woronov, she really makes quite an impression in anything she's cast in. The story is about a pornographer called Max who kills a young model (who was also his lover) and makes it look like a suicide. Soon his assistant Camilla has found a nearly identical looking girl who she grooms to be just like the murdered model. Along the way she has a romantic relationship with this new girl (which chews up way too much time in the movie) under the guise of preparing her for an upcoming film role. The film is at least interesting enough to keep watching and to want to know what's happening, it just could have used a little more "spice" along the way. Not my favorite but it could have been so much worse, at least the cast make this worthwhile though, and heck I'm always up for some exploitation.

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