Sunday, December 13, 2009

20 Million Miles To Earth (1957) aka The Beast From Space

3 / 5 Dec '09
Tagline: Monster from outerspace runs wild!
Directed by: Nathan Juran
Written by: Robert Creighton Williams, Christopher Knopf
Actors include: William Hopper, Joan Taylor, Frank Puglia
Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy
Length: 82 minutes
Banned: Nope

This was a disappointment, see I recently enjoyed The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms so why not try another Harryhausen flick? This one has quite an excellent reputation and after watching it I'm really puzzled as to why. It's about a Space ship that went to Venus that crash lands and it's cargo (an alien from Venus that is still an egg) is lost. A snot nosed little boy named Pepe who I seriously want to beat to a pulp finds it and sells it to a Scientist so he can have a cowboy hat (sigh). Of course it grows gigantic because it's not used to our atmosphere and it makes elephant noises and even fights an elephant for a long period of time. Sometimes the effects look good but overall I wasn't that impressed unfortunately. I actually think the characters are what made me so frustrated with it, that and poor pacing and plenty of dull drama too. It has it's moments but there just aren't enough to make this an exciting science fiction flick.

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