Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Madhouse (1974)

3 / 5 Dec '09
Tagline: If Stark Terror Were Ecstasy... living here would be sheer bliss!
Directed by: Jim Clark
Written by: Angus Hall, Ken Levison
Actors include: Vincent Price, Peter Cushing
Genre: Horror
Length: 92 minutes
Banned: Finland

Now this I felt was rather disappointing, especially considering it's got Vincent Price and Peter Cushing as the leads and not to mention it's from the Tigon company. It's a story about an actor called Dr. Death (Price) who stars in a series of successful horror flicks. After his fiancee was decapitated brutally (Price doesn't remember what happened that night) he went into recluse status for many years. When he is called to come back to the series he's very reluctant, but when the killings start back up the mystery must be solved! They do try a little on the gory death front (which is appreciated) but the Scooby Doo style mystery isn't very interesting. The plot goes all over the place unnecessarily and it aimlessly wanders so much that it's hard to really get much enjoyment from this at all. At least there are a few amusing moments and some decent deaths but this offers little else unfortunately. Definitely not one of the best from anyone but it's ok I suppose for a rainy day so long as your expectations aren't very high.

Availability:  On DVD as part of this Vincent Price collection

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