Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Madman (1982)

3 / 5 Dec '09
Tagline: They thought they were alone.
Directed by: Joe Giannone
Written by: Joe Giannone
Actors include: Gaylen Ross, Tony Fish, Harriet Bass
Genre: Horror
Length: 88 minutes
Banned: Iceland

Oy, a tissue thin plot about Madman Marz a demented feller who axed his wife and kid and was hung by the townspeople. Someone also bit off his nose I believe (though he didn't feel it they say) and gashed his throat I think. At any rate he's running around looking remarkably like a Yetti for some odd reason brutally murdering camp councilors (sound familiar?). The only real plus in this situation is that the murders look pretty darned awesome and are gratuitous. If only they'd put a tiny bit of effort into the rest of the film it wouldn't have been such a struggle to sit through. It has atrocious musical numbers (about the Madman), ridiculously bad acting from everyone (one of the fellas looks like Chris Kattan, and another is named "T.P." so when he's lost they run around in the forrest yelling for tp!), and a ridiculous pool scene involving them moving around in circles? It goes on and on...seriously unbalanced big time! It didn't even try to be amusing plot wise, you are getting exactly what you think...a Madman slasher, the end! Oh well it was worth it to see the deaths but that is the only nice thing I can say about this 'un.

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