Monday, March 8, 2010

The Tingler (1959)

3 / 5  Mar '10

Tagline: In Screamarama
Directed by: William Castle
Written by: Rob White
Actors include: Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn, Darryl Hickman
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi
Length: 82 minutes
Banned: Finland

I do tend to like William Castle's films, but this one surprised me in that I wasn't impressed with it. I think the gimmick really hinders watching this from home, it was filmed in percepto vision (which means joy buzzers in some seats of the theatre originally) which is supposed to make random audience members scream. The plot is that Vincent Price is a pathologist who discovers that we all have "tinglers" in our spines that will sever them and kill us if we don't scream to release our fear. Obviously the science in this is as bunk as you can get, and it's actually laughable but really if anything I did laugh quite a few times during this, it's more of a cheesy comedy I suppose. One neat thing is that a part of the film features colored blood (it's filmed in black and white) and the actual tingler (that looks like a giant plastic centipede) is not what I expected. It's campy and it does have that element of fun but it's far from something I can imagine being scared by no matter what year it was. I think this might be way more fun to go to during a midnight showing with actual percepto vision. Sadly this one was a disappointment, but I wouldn't say avoid either because I'm in the minority with my opinion I think.

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