Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Uncanny (1977)

4 / 5 Mar '10
Tagline: Cats aren't always cute and cuddly!
Directed by: Denis Héroux
Written by: Michel Parry
Actors include: Peter Cushing, Ray Milland, Joan Greenwood
Genre: Horror
Length: 89 minutes
Banned: Nope

I'd actually heard this wasn't very good so I was rather surprised that I quite liked it. It's a trilogy of tales revolving around cats (why wouldn't I like it?)! Peter Cushing although he receives top billing is only the fellow tying our tales together as he is writing a tale on cats who kill...or something like it. The first story is about a rich Woman who decides to rewrite her will to leave everything to her cats instead of her Nephew. When her Nephew's girlfriend catches wind of this they devise a scheme to get rid of the will only the cats have another thing in store! Although this story starts off a little uninterestingly it picks up to a gruesome treat that I've always hoped to see. The next tale is about a young girl named Lucy who's parents have died in a plane crash. She is sent to live with this rich snooty family (her Aunts) with a bratty daughter who reminds me of Veruca Salt. The family doesn't want her to keep her beloved cat against medical advice and they take the cat off to be killed, well imagine their surprise when the cat returns! This is a very entertaining little story, sort of like a fairy tale gone wrong in the best way. Lastly we have a tale about a pendulum and swapping out a fake blade for a real one in order to create a part for an actress in a play. It's the least interesting of the three and the most star studded! Samantha Eggar has never been so gosh darned irritating before even though it's obviously being put on it's just too much. Overall though I think cat lovers and horror lovers need to see this, I am both and I thought this was quite a load of fun.

Availability:  Not on DVD that I know of except in PAL

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