Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Haunted Palace (1963)

4.5 / 5  Mar '10
Tagline: A warlock's home is his castle...Forever!
Directed by: Roger Corman
Written by: H.P. Lovecraft, Charles Beaumont
Actors include: Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr., Debra Paget
Genre: Horror
Length: 87 minutes
Banned: Nope

Definitely one of the most underrated Roger Corman films, I mean I really hadn't heard much of anything about it until I was researching Corman's films. This particular one is loosely based upon a poem from Poe but it takes it's influence more from a story by H.P. Lovecraft. The story begins with the perfectly cast Vincent Price as a Warlock being burned alive by the townspeople for being evil. The Warlock vows revenge on the townspeople and their kin of course. Then we jump ahead 110 years to the Warlock's great great Grandson Charles (also played by Price) who along with his wife are wishing to move into the palace from his heritage. The townspeople are less than friendly (and they hang out in a bar called "The Burning Man") yet there is some power in the house that won't let him leave. The spirit of his great great Grandfather seems to be invading Charles in order to obtain his revenge! It's violent, beautifully filmed in the style of a Hammer picture with elaborate sets and costumes and of course it has a dark sense of humor too. I really think that any fan of horror, Lovecraft, Price or Poe should absolutely love this one.

Availability:  On DVD as part of a 2fer with Tower Of London

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