Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bloodrage (1979) aka Never Pick Up A Stranger

3 / 5 Oct '10
Tagline: If he wants you.... he'll get you
Directed by: Joseph Zito
Written by: Robert Jahn
Actors include: James Johnson, Judith-Marie Bergan, Jerry McGee
Genre: Horror
Length: 81 minutes
Banned: Nope

Well I really wanted to like this a whole lot more than I actually did. It is rather low budget and it does contain many gritty shots of New York in the '70s which I like. It's just that they managed to find an entire cast that have zero charisma, it's particularly annoying in the lead character that we follow around for the entire movie. It actually starts out relatively strong, we meet Scott, a fellow who is tricked by a Prostitute. When she starts to demand money for her time (he didn't receive anything) they start to push each other around until an accident occurs and she dies. It's actually pretty well made at this point, and it's bloody and even has a bit of a sense of humor. From that point on though there isn't much to look forward to. Scott moves to New York to "blend in" and he realizes that he hates everyone but loves killing. From that point on it's as dry as a bone and although a few killings happen they aren't very interesting. Although yes I can see that it is similar to Maniac in a way, it's not nearly as interesting at all, nor is it as demented. At any rate for a cheapo killer film it was okay, just not the exploitation classic I'd hoped for.

Availability:  Not on DVD

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