Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

2 / 5 Oct '10
Tagline: Never Sleep Again
Directed by: Samuel Bayer
Written by: Wesley Strick
Actors include: Jackie Earle Haley, Kyle Gallner, Rooney Mara
Genre: Horror, Fantasy
Length: 95 minutes
Banned: Nope

Well, I'm a huge fan of the original series, yet I was hesitant about watching this remake perhaps because most are dreadful. Now I'll give this credit for being better than the Friday the 13th remake but that's about the nicest thing I can say. Jackie Earle Haley was a terrible choice for Freddy and the make-up they've used makes him look like he was caught in a fire with a Planet Of The Apes mask on. They've also removed the clever one-liners and style that make original Freddy so darned entertaining. This one is just mad and speaks directly (occasionally saying something moronic) and doesn't have a sense of humor at all. Freddy is still a dream menace on a new group of teens (who are rather flavorless kill props), the parents are still covering up what really happened and so forth. They at least kept relatively true to what Freddy is able to do. It's just so many unbelievably stupid things like a fellow falling asleep during a relay swim race? It's definitely not scary though they repeatedly try to use the sudden loud noise effect to create jumps...but it doesn't work either. Nothing has been gained by this remake at all, heck it nearly directly lifted scenes from the original only making them worse (the Tina/Chris) death? I suppose I imagined it would be worse than it was but I still think it was an utter waste of time an energy for everyone concerned.

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