Monday, August 3, 2009

The Fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck (1967) aka Dance of the Vampires aka The Vampire Killers aka Vampire Ball

 2.5 / 5 Aug '09
Tagline: Who says Vampires are no laughing matter?
Directed by: Roman Polanski
Written by: Gerard Brach, Roman Polanski
Actors include: Jack MacGowran, Roman Polanski, Sharon Tate
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Length: 108 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA/UK

Sadly I had very high hopes for this 'un. I tend to like Roman Polański, and in fact I thought the cinematography was lovely, the sets were beautiful, especially the lovely gothic snowy atmosphere. The thing is, Hammer pictures have equally lovely backdrops, and they actually manage to be witty, charming and entertaining all while having the vampire thing happening. This looked as though it was some sort of take-off on those films, I've read this was supposed to be a comedy but I have no idea how as it was neither witty, nor slapstick nor did I even laugh once. It fails as a vampire movie as it never comes close to scary, only the ending was decent and by that point I'd given up on caring as it had bored me to death long before. It seems as though I'm in the minority here as so many truly love this, but speaking as a lover of horror films and comedy films this did not suit my needs at all. Notable only for having his then girlfriend and Charles Manson victim Sharon Tate and for the name, which is the funniest part of the film.

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