Monday, August 3, 2009

A Whisper in the Dark (1976) aka Un Sussurro Nel Buio

2.5 / 5 Aug '09
Tagline: Nope
Directed by: Marcello Aliprandi
Written by: Maria Teresa Rienzi, Nicolo Rienzi
Actors include: John Phillip Law, Nathalie Delon, Olga Bisera
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Length: 100 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: Italy

This has creepy atmosphere out the wazu, seriously the kid they have playing Martino is seriously weird. I was captivated the entire why didn't I like it? Well the problem is how pointless this is. The entire film is about weird kid Martino who has an imaginary friend named Luca. It just so happens that his mother lost a child during pregnancy who was going to be named Luca. Some slightly irritating pranks happen around the house and Martino won't accept responsibility though fingers are being pointed. Is Martino insane, or is their an evil Luca ghost pulling the harmless pranks? I can't believe that they had such a wonderful build up all to lead to absolutely nothing, I felt completely unsatisfied at the end and even irritated. Although it sounds appealing when you read about the film I'd highly suggest staying the heck away unless you want to watch an extreme build up to frustrating!

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