Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holocaust 2000 (1977) aka Rain Of Fire aka The Chosen aka The Hex Massacre

3.5 / 5 Feb '10
Tagline: The world will be destroyed in a rain of fire. It is written.
Directed by: Alberto De Martino
Written by: Sergio Donati, Alberto De Martino
Actors include: Kirk Douglas, Simon Ward, Agostina Belli
Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Length: 106 minutes
Banned: Nope

Sure this isn't the movie for everyone, it's very cheesy implausible and over the top but I think that's why I liked it. At first I thought it was going to be a dull talky with Kirk Douglas in it...that is until they stabbed his wife in the groin violently! (p.s. I didn't know that could kill someone?) Turns out Mr. Douglas is in charge of building a Nuclear Power in the Middle East. Douglas' creepy ugly son Angel seems to have very definite plans of his own, and doesn't mind taking over either. When Douglas meets and impregnates a new girlfriend things get even worse...especially when he hears that "his seed is evil"! Let's just say he doesn't want her to have the baby because he thinks it will be evil, but what if it isn't? Really I guess you could say this is an Italian take on The Omen with touches of Rosemary's Baby only way more ridiculous and campy. This is a must for those who love bad film that is entertaining, but a pass for those who like films that make sense.

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