Monday, February 8, 2010

Slaughter High (1986)

3.5 / 5
Tagline: Take a Trip Through the Halls of Horror!
Directed by: George Dugdale, Mark Ezra
Written by: George Dugdale, Mike Ezra
Actors include: Caroline Munro, Simon Scuddamore, Carmine Iannaccone
Genre: Horror
Length: 91 minutes
Banned: Nope

This definitely has a lot going for it, and a lot wrong with it. See the deaths in this slasher are superb...things I've always wanted to see in graphic detail and well done. The acting is laughably terrible for the most part, it's very cheap (minus the effects) and predictable as heck. The good news is, it knows exactly what it is, has a good sense of humor and some serious gratuity. The idea is a recycled one, an April Fool's Day prank played on a nerd by the cool kids goes horribly wrong and the nerd ends up disfigured and wanting revenge. When the cool kids find themselves all invited to a reunion in a deserted area and nobody claims to have sent the invites they start to think maybe something is wrong. Well they know something's wrong when one by one they end up dead in gruesome ways. Were the ending not so stupid I would have awarded this an extra .5 star, but let's face's a classic but only in the sense that it's bad but immensely entertaining.

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