Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Night Of Fear (1972)

4 / 5 Feb '10
Tagline: Hunted and Trapped, Her Nightmare Is Just Beginning!
Directed by: Terry Bourke
Written by: Terry Bourke
Actors include: Norman Yemm, Carla Hoogeveen, Mike Doorsey
Genre: Horror
Length: 54 minutes
Banned: Australia

This was actually a really cool discovery from Australia, this was meant to be the pilot episode for a 12 part tv series called "Fright". The problem was, they deemed this episode too gory for airing and it was banned even in Australia and the show never stood a chance. Consider that this was made in 1972 and it predates The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by two years it's actually impressively fresh. After a young blonde woman (who even somewhat resembles Marilyn Burns) is basically tricked off the road by a vicious disgusting killer. It's mainly one big chase scene as she fights for survival against impossible odds and even finds herself in his dirty disgusting shack (that is rather similar to Leatherfaces). It's really rather exciting and disturbingly serious and to the point (at under an hour run time) and really it is one of the more shocking made-for-tv things I've ever seen. I'm amazed this isn't mentioned more, very cool and if there were more in the series I'd make a point to find them.

Availability:  I don't believe this is on DVD

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