Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dark Water (2005)

1 / 5
Tagline: This Season, The Mystery Of The Darkness Will Consume Your Life
Directed By: Walter Salles
Written By: Koji Suzuki, Hideo Nakata, Takashige Ichise, Rafael Yglesias
Actors Include: Jennifer Connelly, John C. Reilly, Tim Roth
Genre: Drama, Horror
Length: 105 minutes
Banned: nope
Country: USA

I'm not really sure why I even attempted watching the remake considering the fact that I thought the original was boring and uninteresting, but surprisingly this one was actually worse! I spent the entire movie waiting for something to happen, then when it does, the pay off is so minimal it makes the entire duration of the movie feel like a waste. I realize this story seems to be well loved by most horror fans, but this is one case where I extremely disagree. The excuse I most hear is that "snot nosed teenagers hate this film because they only want action and guts" but I'm 28 years old, and moreover I like films with just so happens I can appreciate guts and action too. The story is about a Mother and Daughter who are moving into a new apartment after a bitter divorce and custody dispute. The building they move in to is less than nice and the handyman doesn't seem to do much at all. Most of this film is spent watching water drip from the ceiling, so again if that is your kind of thing than please proceed. The small ghostly things that do occur include a child's purse which keeps turning up even after being disposed of. Also the Daughter seems to notice some strange things going on too. Thing is, it's not even kind of scary, it's not even a little bit scary, there isn't really any blood or anything but again it's not necessesary so long as the story is captivating. This story was as boring as watching water drip from the ceiling (yeah I know bad pun), and I had to fight with myself to see to the end. I don't expect everyone to have the same opinion of this movie, but the girl I watched it with thought the same thing I did, and well I think it's going to split people right down the middle. I've heard words thrown around like "atmospheric" which it sort of is I guess in that it's dreary, and "character driven" which...well if you gave a rats ass about any of the characters (which I did not) this might be true. I'll quit complaining, but seriously, this one was horrendous in my book.

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