Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drive-In Massacre (1976)

1 / 5
Tagline: Your nightmares are about to come true
Directed by: Stu Segall
Written by: George "Buck" Flower, John F. Goff
Actors include: Bruce Kimball, Adam Lawrence, Douglas Gudbye
Genre: Horror
Length: 78 minutes
Banned: West Germany
Country: USA

Y'know, I was truly excited when I came across a copy of this one. It had been featured in the "Splatter" section of my horror reference book and therefore I'd decided that it was a "must see". Well I learned that sword slayings at a drive-in theatre is a lot less exciting in practice than it sounds in theory. We have lame Police interaction where of course they are inept at catching "sword guy", and although it is a bit bloody it's super poorly executed. The story doesn't seem to go anywhere and you'd swear they made it up as they went. It's so boring in parts that there is nothing to do but laugh at how inept everyone and everything in this film are. I have seen worse than this one, but it certainly belongs towards the bottom with stuff only viewable for horror fanatics and fans of horribly bad movies.

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