Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Evil Of Frankenstein (1964)

2.5 / 5
Tagline: He's never been more shocking! shocking! shocking!
Directed by: Freddie Francis
Written by: Anthony Hinds
Actors include: Peter Cushing, Peter Woodthorpe, Duncan Lamont
Genre: Horror
Length: 84 minutes
Banned: Finland
Country: UK

So the first two in the Hammer Frankenstein are amazing, and this is the third one. It demands that you disregard the first two in the series and trust me you won't want to associate this film with those anyhow. It does share the same beautiful sets, and some of the same actors (the fantastic Peter Cushing and his assistant), but those two things don't fix this stupid story. See first of all we see Helsing's castle trashed, so he remembers (differently than we do) the creation of Frankenstein. Then they find Frankenstein and reanimate him, only in this movie Frankenstein looks like his make up is a sandwich container masking taped to a forehead covered in guacamole. It's ridiculous, but then again the story goes nowhere too so perhaps it's fittingly bad? Then a hypnotist steps in and has to try to control Frankenstein but instead he makes him do his evil biddings. Somehow it's still tolerable, but it's clearly mimicking some of the lesser Universal Frankenstein pictures, but doing so even more poorly. Definitely the worst Hammer picture I've seen, yet I could sit through it, it's just best for around nap time.

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