Thursday, April 30, 2009

Driller Killer (1979)

3.5 / 5
Tagline: It will shatter you!
Directed By: Abel Ferrara
Written By: Nicholas St. John
Actors Include: Abel Ferrara, Carolyn Marz, Baybi Day
Genre: Horror, Drama, Thriller
Length: 96 minutes
Banned: Germany, Ireland
Country: USA

This is a dark and difficult print to watch film in places, but it's worth it if you like gritty slasher films. Especially nice is the fact that it takes place in New York in the '70s and it's ultra hip with punk music and everything (not a punk band I've ever heard but still neato). It's very much got a do-it-yerself feel yet as much as it benefits from this, it's a bit limiting too. Still the atmosphere is fabulous and it's actually quite well done all things considered. The biggest complaint I have is that it does drag on a fair bit and it takes a while for stuff to happen, but I actually really did enjoy it once I got into it. It's about a struggling artist, and his roommates and a need for money and an annoyance at a nearby practicing punk band. As the films goes on we seem to watch him drift further and further from reality until he takes to the streets with a power drill. Gore-o-philes may be depressed because it's not as graphic as one could expect but it still has some great and bloody scenes, it's just more of a drama most of the time than an actual horror film. Definitely better than I had thought it would be since it's reputation is pretty dire.

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