Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dracula (1931)

5 / 5
Tagline: The story of the strangest passion the world has ever known!
Directed by: Tod Browning
Written by: Bram Stoker, Hamilton Deane, John L. Balderston, Garrett Fort, Dudley Murphy, Louis Bromfield, Tod Browning, Max Cohen, Louis Stevens
Actors include: Bela Lugosi, Helen Chandler, David Manners
Genre: Horror, Romance
Length: 128 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA

So I honestly put off watching the old monster movies for as long as I humanly could, so I damned myself really because after watching this I feel like I get so many references I've missed previously. Well that and it's one of the most amazing movies I've ever seen regardless of the year it came out in and regardless of the hype, it's probably even better than you'd anticipate too! It's in black and white of course, but it actually adds to the shadows and the creepy backgrounds used in the film. The acting is slow and extremely intentional, but that being said everyone moves in a creepy deliberate fashion and it's really awesome. The story itself is of course timeless and fantastic, the best part is that the story has a sense of humor that even holds up to this day. The character of Renfield is one of the funniest and greatest I've ever seen, and Lugosi is every bit as perfect as Dracula as you've ever heard. I truly enjoyed every minute of this film, and I honestly think anyone would. It's beautiful, dark, amusing and just a stunning delight to watch from start to finish. Just don't go in expecting a ton of the red, because it's not really that sort of movie. Definitely one of the greatest films of all time, horror or not, it's opened the door to old horror movies to me finally...try and stop me now!

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