Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Descent (2005)

4.5 / 5
Tagline: Scream your last breath.
Directed by: Neil Marshall
Written by: Neil Marshall
Actors include: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Jackson Mendoza, Saskia Mulder
Genre: Horror, Adventure
Length: 99 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: UK

This was without a doubt one of the coolest horror films of the 2000s'. The plot is that a group of friends who get together adventuring wind up in a cave without a map. There is something mighty strange going on in the cave, something is watching them and survival becomes a huge and bloody struggle. This has everything, character development, action, wonderful cinematography and it's actually creepy and gross and surprising. I don't want to give any more away, but all I can say is that it's a must watch. I luckily saw it in the theatre and was captivated the entire time. It's about time someone made a film like this one! This is non-stop action, suspense guts and surprise, this is one of the few must see films from this decade.

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