Thursday, April 30, 2009

Devil Times Five (1974) aka People Toys aka The Horrible House On The Hill

4 / 5 Dec '08
Tagline: If you can't take a lot of blood - don't go see...The Horrible House On The Hill
Directed by: Sean MacGregor
Written by: Sandra Lee Blowitz, John Durren
Actors include: Leif Garrett, Sorrell Booke, Shelley Morrison, Joan McCall
Genre: Horror
Length: 88 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA

Wow what a strange little low budget film this one was. Firstly Leif Garrett is in this...along with his sister and mother (in real life). Anyhow we see a nasty van crash, where clearly several must have died. Still 5 kids manage to climb out of the vehicle unscathed, we can tell something is wrong when one of the children picks the watch off one of the corpses. Anyhow onwards they trek until they come to a snowed in resort. Pretty much every adult in the film is annoying in some way, so when they start getting bumped off in interesting ways it's pretty hard to feel bad. There is even a piranha in the bathtub scene! Anyhow the kids themselves look outwardly rather normal...except the creepy "Sister" (nun) albino girl, seriously creepy! The film is definitely dark, and Leif's character often steals the show with his anger. The kids of course will stop at nothing to not have to go back to the insane asylum they escaped from. Were it not for some super obnoxious editing (enough with the slow motion killing scene....seriously wtf) and the cheapness they did pretty darned good. Definitely a strange exploitation film that you have to see to believe!

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