Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Children Of The Corn IV: The Gathering (1996)

2 / 5
Tagline: In a sleepy midwestern town...A horrifying evil is about to rise again!
Directed by: Greg Spence
Written by: Stephen King, Stephen Berger
Actors include: Naomi Watts, Jamie Renee Smith, Karen Black
Genre: Horror
Length: 85 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA

At least this is a slight improvement from the last sequel (notice I said "slight"). Oddly all the kiddies fall sick before changing their names to dead children of before and they also start being evil. Guess what happens? Actually it's somewhat interesting in places, and the acting is better than usual for this set of sequels. I guess if you have to watch one of the later ones, you could go for this one and it's not too painful!

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