Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cannibal Apocalypse (1980) aka Apocalypse Domani aka Apocalipse Cannibal aka Apocalipsis Canibal

4 / 5
Tagline: N / A
Directed By: Antonio Margheriti
Written By: Antonio Margheriti, Dardano Sacchetti
Actors Include: John Saxon, Elizabeth Turner, Giovanni Lombardo Radice
Genre: Horror, Action, Thriller
Length: 96 minutes
Banned: Norway, U.K.
Country: Italy/Spain

Review: After having seen "Cannibal Holocaust" and "Cannibal Ferox" and even "Jungle Holocaust" I figured I had a grasp on the "cannibal" series. I had heard this one was dreadful so I put off watching it for quite some time. Turns out this isn't terrible at all, in fact I like it quite a bit more than "Jungle Holocaust", it just so happens that this film isn't anything like the fore mentioned three. If it were up to me I'd give it an entirely different unrelated name so the confusion wouldn't occur but heck what do I know? Right away I was happy when I saw John Saxon (Nancy's dad in the Nightmare On Elm Street series) who plays an ex-Vietnam vet. We start the film during Vietnam where we see members of his crew eating human flesh. Fast forward to the current times and it appears that John Saxon is getting "the urge" to snack on people too. His old army buddy asks him to hook up with him but he makes an excuse. Then he notices that his army buddy is in a hold-up in a mall (where he has eaten some human flesh again of course). From there we learn that there is some sort of virus they contracted in Vietnam which is making them turn cannibalistic, not that it stops them. The ending is a pretty fun cannibal escape scene through a bunch of sewers and stuff. There is actually a fair amount of action in this one, and not a ton of gore (although the blood does flow in places). It was just really surprisingly a fun twist on the cannibal genre and I think if you go into this knowing it isn't going to be like the other "cannibal" films then a good time should be had by all.

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