Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terror Train (1980) aka Le Monstre du Train aka Train of Terror

 4 / 5 May '09
Tagline: The boys and girls of Sigma Phi. Some will live. Some will die.
Directed by: Spottiswoode
Written by: T.Y. Drake
Actors include: Ben Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Copperfield
Genre: Horror
Length: 97 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: Canada/USA

Definitely not bad for a slasher that takes place on a train. It starts out with a group of kids pulling a prank on a hapless nerd. Flash forward to a few years later and the gang is all getting together to party on a train (with David Copperfield...seriously). Copperfield keeps doing tricks and they have a live band and are all wearing freaky deaky costumes...it's quite colorful! Anyhow of course the passengers are getting bumped off and since there isn't a radio on board let's just say there are all in trouble! The beauty is that all though you think you know what's going on, in a way there is a degree of mystery about it and the ending did kinda surprise me. I would definitely say they tried, it has a fair bit of blood and even a few good survival chases with Jamie Lee Curtis. Not amazing but certainly worth a late night viewing...maybe just not while you are riding the rails!

Availability:  On DVD

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