Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zombie 4: After Death (1988) aka After Death (Oltre La Morte) aka After Death - L'isola Maledetta aka Zombi 4 - After Death aka Zombie Flesh Eaters 3.

3 / 5

Tagline: N/A
Directed by: Claudio Fragasso
Written by: Rosella Drudi
Actors include: Jeff Stryker, Candice Daly, Massimo Vanni
Genre: Horror
Length: 84 minutes
Banned: N/A
Country: Italy

This may have a terrible rating and it may not be the best zombie movie, but it does have something going for's insane! It definitely feels "straight-to-video", but considering I found it very easy to watch. It's based around some scientists on an island to find the cure for cancer. Instead somehow they tick off a voodoo priest (which of course is a big no-no), and then they find a bunch of angry zombies after them. The zombies here are rather fast moving and not terribly frightening or anything, but they work in context. The effects are entirely acceptable and well that is about the long and the short of it. Luckily it has absurd Ital-horror moments which makes it feel a bit like a comedy although the laughs are likely unintentional. It's not a must-see in the realm of even Ital-zombie films, but if you've seen the rest you will want to see this one too. Not as bad as some may lead you to believe but all in all the word "cheap" seems to sum it up nicely.

Availability:  On DVD

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