Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zombiemania Documentary

3 / 5

So I believe this was put together by the Space network with The Rue Mortuary or something, I'm not entirely sure. I do know it's a Canadian documentary and it focuses on zombies in the media, film and even a little in book form. The neat parts were the interviews with George A. Romero and Tom Savini but from there it was all downhill. See there was a lot of talking with Mel Brooks' Son who writes how to survive zombie guides and such and that guy is an idiot! Seriously we took note of which books he wrote so we never accidently read anything that guy wrote. Another big issue is that too much time was spent on the lame looking remake for "Day Of The Dead 2" remake. That and they only really cover a very small percentage of the actual zombie movies, important ones even. The don't even mention Fulci, or any Italian for that matter, plus many of the classic zombie films only got a sentence or two or nothing at all. Disappointing to say the least for anyone who watches zombie movies regularly will know as much or more than this documentary will give you.

Availability:  Airs on Tv periodically but not on DVD

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