Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To The Devil A Daughter (1976) aka Child Of Satan aka Die Braut Des Satans

4 / 5

Tagline: Warning! This Motion Picture Contains The Most Shocking Scenes This Side Of Hell!
Directed by: Peter Sykes
Written by: John Peacock, Dennis Wheatley
Actors include: Christopher Lee, Nastassja Kinski, Richard Widmark
Genre: Horror
Length: 91 minutes
Banned: Finland, Norway
Country: UK/West Germany

I actually think this one is way better than it's reputation would have you believe. Although it doesn't appear much like a Hammer film most of the time, it's still got the quality going and that's all I ask for. In fact this story was one that was a bit difficult to figure out and I thought the way it was filmed was rather gripping. We meet a novelist who agrees to help out a young girl on her 18th birthday because her father is his friend. What we don't know is that something is strange with this daughter and the very thing they are trying to hide her from are Satanists! I won't give away more but it's actually rather creepy and intense, only the ending is a little disappointing (unless you want to see a very young Nastassja naked). Still I really enjoyed this and found it to be quite a nice little surprise devil movie, so long as you like stories that is! Also I think this may be one of Christopher Lee's best roles, but you should definitely find out for yourself!

Availability:  On DVD (but OOP)

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