Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Twilight Zone: TV Series: Season 3

Episode 66: "Two"
4 / 5
Actors include: Charles Bronson, Elizabeth Montgomery

This is a neat episode because you kind of have to guess what happened, you see some sort of apocalyptic looking earth that is deserted and we watch a dirty looking woman behave rather strangely and she's armed. Soon we meet Bronson's character and she aims at him, they appear to hate each other. Soon Bronson talks to her and decides they should put their differences aside, she doesn't speak and still acts quite primitive. Then she shoots at him, it sort of goes on from there but it sure is a strange little episode.

Episode 70: "A Game Of Pool"
4 / 5
Actors include: Jack Klugman, Jonathan Winters

This is a fun little twist on the story from "Seventh Seal". This time around we have a nut obsessed with pool who likes to brag about his abilities. He wishes that "the best pool player" who is dead would challenge him and miraculously he shows up. Of course they have a pool war, but the wager is the bragger's life! Does he really know what he's in for? It was a fun little episode with again a good lesson.

Episode 73: "It's A Good Life"
5 / 5
Actors include: Billy Mumy, John Larch, Cloris Leachman

This is a fantastic tale that's been muchly spoofed (you've likely seen it on the Simpsons if not here first). Little Billy is extremely powerful, he hates singing and he's in control of everyone. He can read their thoughts, so they'd better think happy ones or else they wind up out in the corn field or transformed into something else...or both! It's really funny and it spawned the whole "it's good that Billy did that" phenomenon, definitely a classic in every regard.

Episode 81: Nothing In The Dark
4 / 5
Actors include: Gladys Cooper, Robert Redford, R.G. Armstrong

We see an irrational seeming old woman who lives in a small dark shack and won't go outside because she thinks Mr. Death is waiting to get her. Then we see a young man who has been shot outside, we learn he's a Police officer so finally she relents and puts her fears aside to take him in. He's begging for help but she won't go outside and get any for him, but soon a strange twist happens. It's a nice little tale although not necessarily one of the most memorable of the series.

Episode 86: "Kick The Can"
3.5 / 5
Actors include: Ernest Truex, Barry Truex, Russel Collins

This little tale is a play on the adage that you're only as old as you behave. Suddenly an old man in the nursing home while watching kids decides that he must behave like a kid. He runs through the sprinklers and the owners of the home threaten to have him moved. He figures that playing "Kick The Can" is his way to being young, so he wakes up the old folks for a game in the middle of the night with surprising results! It's a very cute tale but not one of their best, still worth a gander.

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