Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Twilight Zone: TV Series: Season 5

Episode 122: "Steel"
4 / 5
Actors include: Lee Marvin, Joe Mantell, Chuck Hicks

This was a strange little tale about robotic boxers. See real boxing was outlawed apparently so robot boxers are the only option. Steel (Marvin) is the owner of a fighting robot that is old and in rough shape, but he needs to win money to go back home. He used to be a boxer back when it was legal boxing under the name of "Steel" of course. He pretends to be a robot and enters the ring! This one doesn't have too much of a message, it's just a bit of fighting fun!

Episode 123: Nightmare At 20,000 Feet"
5 / 5
Actors include: William Shatner, Christine White, Asa Maynor

Nearly everybody knows this story, that much I'm sure of heck this is the first episode of the Twilight Zone I ever saw. My Dad forced me to come to the television and watch and lo and behold I loved it! Well this is the fabulous story of the man who is mentally unstable on planes and even had a breakdown. He apparently made a breakthrough in therapy because his doctor allowed him to fly. Thing is, he sees a gremlin (re: guy in a silly yeti costume) on the wing of the plane. Every time he goes to show someone the gremlin jumps out of the way of course. Soon the gremlin starts pulling up the wing of the plane...really a classic and loveable tale of a man who may or may not be insane!

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