Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (1999)

3 / 5

Tagline: Evil Has Been Summoned...Again!
Directed by: Jack Sholder
Written by: Peter Atkins, Jack Sholder
Actors include: Holly Fields, Andrew Divoff, Paul Johnsson
Genre: Horror
Length: 96 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA

This isn't quite as bloody nor is it as action packed as the first time around but you will be treated to several cleverly twisted wishes gone wrong. The Dijinn is obviously back from the first movie and he's trying to collect three "wishers" so his race can take over the world. This time the Djinn lets himself go to jail, and of course he has no trouble finding some deviant with a wish there. There are again some fun deaths but again it's just not as great as it could have been. If you liked the first one, then this one will be alright too likely (at least I thought it was decent enough). I've heard that the third and fourth in this trilogy are awful though...warning!

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