Sunday, May 3, 2009

Along Came A Spider (2001)

3 / 5
Tagline: The games is far from over.
Directed By: Lee Tamahori
Written By: James Patterson, Marc Moss
Actors Include: Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter, Michael Wincott
Genre: Thriller
Length: 104 minutes
Banned: Nope
Country: USA/Germany/Canada

I saw this run-of the mill thriller in the theater lucky me? It's a companion to "Kiss The Girls" and it's not quite as interesting, but I didn't exactly really like that one either. In this tale we watch the daughter of a senator get kidnapped. Then of course the rest is some slick Police work trying to find where the little girl is located. There is a bit of an interesting face off once they find the girl, but it's all rather predictable and basic. They try to throw twists at us, but they weren't interesting enough to even care, I'd have much rather they made it straightforward and ended the movie earlier. Not something I would ever bother watching again, but if it were on tv for free and you were bored you may want to give it a go.

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