Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boxing Helena (1993)

3.5 / 5
Tagline: A deep, dark obsession that bares a woman's body and a man's soul.
Directed By: Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Written By: Jennifer Chambers Lynch, Philippe Caland
Actors Include: Julian Sands, Sherilyn Fenn, Bill Paxton
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Length: 107 minutes
Banned: nope
Country: USA

So if you don't already know this is a widely hated film. Even the original lead Kim Basinger had to pay to pay 9 million dollars to get out of the contract (although later I think it was overturned). So why the heck do I like it? Well it's incredibly strange, ridiculous and oddly compelling somehow. Most people complain about the execution of this film, but I more than got the point of it and I actually think it's not bad since Jennifer Chambers Lynch (yes David's Daughter) was only 19 when she wrote this. The story is about a compulsively strange Doctor (Sands) who is married, but OBSESSED with a bitch named Helena (Fenn). Anyhow he alienates the wife with talk of his precious Helena (you simply must hear him repeat it's so pathetic). He ends up getting a date with her, and from there you'd better believe he won't leave her alone. He throws a party simply to invite Helena (I think) and she ends up avoiding Dr. Nick and flirting with others. Nick makes sure she leaves her purse there and then makes her come back for it. While she's trying to escape Nick's weirdness she gets hit by a car and wakes up a prisoner in Nick's care...and without legs I might add. Oh it gets weirder from there, let's just say the center of the movie is the statue of Venus DeMilo. Oh and it gets stranger still because she starts to dig him...seriously. There is a fair amount of sex in this and you never see him remove Helena's limbs, so if you are looking for gore you won't get any. Instead you'll get to watch this insane plot unfold, and an ending that is about as clear as mud. Still I can't help but like it and I've seen it quite a few times so I guess that makes me a fan.

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