Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hitcher (1986)

4.5 / 5
Tagline: The terror starts the moment he stops.
Directed by: Robert Harmon
Written by: Eric Red
Actors include: Jennifer Jason Leigh, C. Thomas Howell, Rutger Hauer
Genre: Horror, Action, Crime, Thriller
Length: 97 minutes
Banned: nope
Country: USA

This is quite high octane and tension and it's got huge car chases and it will make you think twice before picking up a hitch-hiker. Howell picks up Hauer and has his life threatened when he learns the passenger he picked up is responsible for a string of murders and isn't about to let him off the hook. Of course this has one of the most memorable scenes ever in any horror film which I shant ruin, but I will say Jennifer Jason Leigh and "pulling" and that is it. It's not great in a typical horror movie sense, but it does have that sort of honest and realistic disturbing quality which makes this a must see. This does seem like something that could happen and hopefully it serves as a warning to folks about the dangers of the road. If you like intense escape movies you should love this one as it's one of the best (even better than Duel)!

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